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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Review: "Curvy Seduction: Rebound: A Curvy Love Serial - Part One" by Aidy Award

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As women, we’re judged as a whole by society. Acceptance and/or being out-castes can depend on so many things. For example, your dress size, the shoes you wear, the color of your hair, if you are polka dotted with pink stars or even just by your name. I’ve been the odd person out my whole life, so I can identify in many ways with Angelina. She’s put her foot down and has decided that it’s time to shake things up!

She’s always been a curvy girl, and dealt with the negative attention from everyone around her. Angelina is a wild spirit at heart and craves independence. It takes one defining moment for her to really see the writing on the proverbial window in red lipstick. She finds out her supposed fiance has done something awful. He cheats, with her best friend and does something she had begged him to do before! Thanks to Gray, she’s able to get him out of her house and set up a little revenge in the process.

Gray has been her bodyguard for five years. He also happens to be her closest and truest friend, and throw into the mix that she’s been in love with him nearly the whole time. She’s convinced she’ll never turn his head in her direction romantically. But is it a possibility? Will she finally get the independence she craves and find love?

It’s a journey she sets out to figure out. With or without Grays help. Determined to fake it until she makes it, Angelina is going to experience the time of her life and then some. It’s like one of those bad jokes that starts out with, “A chick and her bodyguard walk into a bar….” then add in some ridiculous punch line with a hint of dirt. But in her case, it’s nothing like she expected. Heck, nothing like I thought was going to happen!

Finally, she’s learning what it is to really live. She’s putting her ex behind her as far as she can shove him. All the emotional and verbal abuse she dealt with from him will no longer rule her! Her revenge is both hilarious, eventful, HOT and steamy! Holy havarti on hogwarts! I sure didn’t see it going where it did, but I loved it!

Aidy has created a character that shows us how to lose our inhibitions and go on with life. For every curvy girl out there, we know now that there are at least two heartthrobs waiting to scoop her up! She also writes this holy hotness out of Angelina’s journey. She does this with showing empowerment, acceptance and how to throw a big old eff you out to all those who disagree.


The story takes off right away, and there isn’t a lot of backstory to muddle up her journey.

I liked how Aidy is writing her backstory as she goes through things. It makes it for a good flowing read.

I laughed quite a few times, and that’s always a plus for me.


I wasn’t quite sure which one in the series to read first. The titles are different and it was confusing at first.I would have liked to have a bit more information on which to go to first.

I do wish maybe the story was just a bit longer and left off with a slightly better cliffhanger.

I wanted to smack Gray for not getting his head out of his bum and then punch Marc for being so hurtful. I guess that could be a negative and a positive. After all, any emotion that gets brought out when reading is a good thing in my opinion!

If you’re looking for a quickie (read that is!) with some adventure, this is it! Aidy makes the reader feel like they can just walk out there door and take on the world, one adventure at a time. I can’t wait to continue reading about Angelina and her newly set life.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars!

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