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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Review: "Endless Affinity" By Brooklyn Taylor

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Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, I’ve become a big fan of Brooklyn’s! I have read just about half of her books and each one makes me more intrigued. She has easily become one of my favorites. She has a wonderful way of twisting the stories and bringing real life positives and negatives to the fore front. It’s important that this happens in many ways. It gives someone hope and more aware. I know, pretty heavy talk for a review on a book right? But it’s true. I’ve been blessed with some great insight as I’ve devoured her books.

If you haven’t read Eternal Soulmate yet, read that first! I mean you don’t necessarily have to, but it makes it easier to understand a few of the characters. Endless Affinity is the second in the series and puts the focus on Grace and Kyle. Their love story has complications, loyalty, low and high points. They also add a level of complicity that feeds the dynamics between not only them, but their friends and family as well.

Grace has never loved someone like she loves Kyle. They’ve been together for what seems like forever. They make a great match in my opinion because Grace is so independent and full of sass. She doesn’t deal well with idiots and bullies. Kyle is the ultimate ladies man and doesn’t have to do much to gather attention. Which isn’t always a good thing. More often than not, it causes a wrench in everything. Grace has also had to learn how to survive a lot of grief and hardship. She refuses to depend on a man for her well being. Kyle was born with the proverbial silver spoon set out for him and doesn’t have the same worries she does. Kyle could very easily have been a character that was a spoiled brat with over exaggerated tendencies. But for the most part, he’s pretty well balanced out. He has his moments though!

Throughout the whole book, you can feel the strength of the bond they have. Brooklyn gives insight to their past and what it is that makes Grace tried to protect her inner shell with everything that she has. She hides behind the sass and humor in order to keep everyone out of what she’s lived with. Her story could easily be a very dark one if Brooklyn had felt that was the right direction. I can so appreciate the fact she didn’t! One of the quotes by Brooklyn I love and take to heart is, “Don’t be a victim. Be a survivor!”. It’s true too, because how are we to work towards healing if you don’t step out of that victim shadow?

Grace finds herself stuck in the middle of a situation that can destroy her and her family. Her mom could really use a smack in the head for her stupidity and the person that she’s supposed to “trust” does the unthinkable and numerous times tries to break her. If it wasn’t for her best friends and even Kyle, she would have never have survived it. Her past helps you to understand her more. It shows too why Kyle loves her so much.

Their relationship has had a lot of ups and downs. But it’s what happens next that leaves them to decide if it’s all worth it. Is their love worth fighting for? If you love them set them free right? Is that truly enough? Like with her other book in this series, I cried. Not ugly cry like I did with “Finding Me”, but it was tissue worthy.

I really don’t have any negatives on this one. I felt like the story adds strength to the first one and it’s interesting to see all the characters come together and how they are able to really work together.

This book does deal with some tougher subject. Keep that in mind before you read it. In fact,seriously, go read the first book. Forget what I said before, you really DO need to! Also, don’t do like I did and read “Beau” before the other two. It’s meant to be a novella to come after “Unseen Destiny”. But, I’ll be honest. It didn’t deter me from reading them all. I’ll be starting the third book this week. I know that it’s so worth it and I’m curious to see how things change.

Once again Miss Brooklyn has created a series of characters that are relate-able, complex and worthy of our time. If I could give this fifty stars, it would be just enough I think!

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