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Friday, September 2, 2016

Author Spotlight Weekend: M. Dauphine

YAY For Friday! It’s a three day weekend at that! It’s the time to embrace the little bit of Summer we have left (HA, I live in Washington State and it’s been raining….) and to relax. Well for us that means movie weekend! Movies and Books, give me cookies and some Dew and I’m good to go! Along with watching all the Jaws movies this weekend, I’ll be reading up a storm. I know its weird combo, isn’t it? Shark movies mixed with books like “Dirty Desires” by M. Dauphin and a few others of hers. Hey, I’d want to be me too! Oh man, I’m finding myself to be hilarious today! Come on, you know you giggled! Ok, Ok, on to the good stuff!

Author Spotlight Weekend: M. Dauphin

I first learned of Miss M’s books through another author. It seems to happen a lot that way, but I love it! I picked up the first in her Fight Series and fell in love with the characters. That weekend, I read the entire series. I loved it a lot! As you can tell by my reviews from Fight 1, Fight 2, Fight 3 and the box set. It’s not an easy task to create characters that have so many dimensional layers. I’ve learned that over the years and I’ve seen where authors have succeeded and failed in that respect. It can make or break a book for me. It doesn’t mean I won’t read something else of theirs, though. If you take the time to read Miss M’s work, you will easily be transported into the characters lives and living through their journeys with them.She’s pretty darn good at the cliffhangers too!

Check out some of these teasers from “Dirty Desires” her newest release!

Harper Stills is making it. She's paying the bills, she's enjoying her time as a young adult, and she has the best friend of all best friends. When he moves out of their shared apartment and moves in a stranger, Harper's one rule of 'no sex with the roommate' gets put to the test.

Knox Gregory is a man on a mission. A one track mind leads him to rooming with one of the sexiest women he's ever met... but not under the right circumstances. He's not allowed to fall for her, not in his plan, at least.

Sometimes things you plan forget shattered, though, and in the wake of it so does a lot more.

"All it took was one decision to ruin my life."

*18+ for sexual situations and language*

*Stand alone, no cliffhanger!*

Brandi: Is it hot in here? I thought so. This continues. The sex is hot, the banter is fun, and the story just keeps coming and coming.
Yes. I said that.
Want a hot little read that will have you struggling to hold the kindle with only one hand? Grab Dirty Desire and get to reading. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Erika P. Book Haven Blog: Intensely erotic, and then you're hit with all the secrets, and you're leveled, clear your schedule for the rest of the day to not miss any of it. Intense, exciting, suspenseful, and guessing throughout. The transformation of Knox is gratifying, but Dauphin drops bomb after bomb until you believe you can't take one more hit, or you might scream. An incredibly unexpected, bittersweet conclusion that developed into an ending that had me cheering and grabbing for a drink!

Missy: This book was filled with the insane chemistry between Knox and Harper. The twists and turns will leave you on the edge of your seat. The sex scenes are scorching hot and will leave you needing a cold shower!

Sophie BBB Broughton: M never ceases to amaze me with her storytelling. All of her books contain strong storylines that pull you in and hold you captive. Dirty Desire was no different. The mind numbing twists and turns are insane. The injected suspense is electric and held me on the edge of my seat all the way through!

Make sure you check out her other amazing books! She’ll have you hooked and begging her for the next book!

Go find her on facebook and leave her some love! Don’t forget to snag a book or two, follow her on social media and grab some book reading snacks!

Happy Reading My Abibliophobiacs!

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