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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Spotlight Author Weekend: M. Dauphin


Ok so by now you've figured out I'm a fan of Miss M's right? How can I not be? Have you read her books yet? If you haven't get your bum over to your favorite retailer and get one or five or all of them! If you purchase via Amazon, many of the titles are free on Kindle Unlimited. they're very reasonably priced as well. Which I love! Trust me, I've seen books go for as much as it costs for a physical book. Yup, never thought I'd say this.....my kindle is very precious. It holds all my goodies!


On to the postings!~

Dirty Desires was released this week! You MUST check it out! Not sure about it or any of the books? Did you know that Amazon allows you to have a peek at what's inside. Another great way to see if it's soemthing you'll like, read the reviews! What I usually do is snag a book on Kindle Unlimited and if I end up loving it, I purchase it out right. Easy right?

I started Dirty Desire and LOVE it already! From what I'm reading online from fans, Miss M. herself and the book, it's freaking HOT and awesome! I have no doubts I'll love it when I'm all done! 

Check out these teasers! Psst...you can click the pics to be taken to different social media and/or retailer! 




Thanks to Miss M. for answering some interview questions and indulging in my silly moments! You my friend are a rockstar!

*•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•* Interview  *•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*

Shani K. * I like to start off with something completely random and silly... (like me! LOL).... If you walked out into your back yard and spy a unicorn eating rainbow grass, what would your reaction be?

Miss M.*  RUN (quietly) for the camera. Don't want to scare it off!

Shani K. * Name one thing about you that might be surprising to others

Miss M.*  I'm so afraid of Tornados. Like, terrible afraid. Horrible. Scared.

Shani K. * What is the name of the very first piece of fiction you wrote? It can be a short story, poetry, book, etc.

Miss M.*  Alive- the first book in my Devastatingly Beautiful series (not for sale)

Shani K. * You have an awesome ability to create characters that believable, raw, emotional and fascinating. Where does the inspiration for them come from?

Miss M.* Your mom. JUUUUST KIDDING. I always wanted to answer something like that. Did it fit?! HAHAH! Um, I seriously don't know how to answer this. Sometimes things come to mind and I'm like OOOOO THAT'S PERFET! And then I message the idea to Frost because I don't carry around the notebook that I bought to carry around with me when inspiration strikes.. then she flips out on me... then I KNOW it's gonna be like, silver. Maybe gold... MAYBE.... I feel like I got off track... what was the question? lol!

Shani K. * *PSST I did laugh! I laughed hard you maniac! ;)

Shani K. * Were you a big boy band fan when you were growing up?

Miss M.*  N'Sync. Don't talk to me about any of the other posers.

Shani K. * Do you feel like your books fit into one type of genre? Why or why not?

Miss M.*  Romance... that's about as general as I can get. They are all romance, but they range from sports, to medical emotional cry your eyes out, to sexy sexy fun times.
Shani K. * I know when I need to focus and work on something, I need music blasting. What helps you to focus during those times?

Miss M.*  Headphones with music blasting. There's always so much commotion during my day that to be able to throw on the headphones and block everything out is the only way to concentrate.

Shani K. * Name two of your all time favorite books. Why?

Miss M.*  Destructive Gods- (HQ Frost): Always and forever will be my #1. It's so twisted and dark and twisted and morale questioning beautiful sexy... JESUS CHRIST Ian and Justin.... GAH! You done got me started! Ugly Love (CoHo)- Um. Who doesn't love a little Miles in their life?

Shani K. * Tell us more about what the number 3 means to you.

Miss M.* So much. Oh dear lord where to start?! *deep breath* When I published my first book (that was terrible, btw), Frost was there for me. She read it. She "loved" it (haha), and she helped me make it better. We formed a friendship SO FREAKING FAST... like, overnight we were BFF. I've never been good at friend making... I have a few I've kept over my span as a human, but for the most part people annoy me. So when we became so close so quick I knew it was something special. A few months later we decided to start writing together... as co authors. Our first book, FOR3VER will ALWAYS be my favorite book that I've ever had a hand in writing. It brought our already close friendship into something so much more. Frost and I have this connection that's not even explainable... it's like she's my other half. So when FOR3VER hit amazon bestseller worldwide we decided to do something to celebrate... and that's where the 3 tattoo came from and that's where the obsession with the #3 started. With Frost and FOR3VER. We're FOR3VER inked alike and it's such an amazing feeling to be able to share something that amazing with someone so awesome. (and my husband is finally accepting and understanding of my obsession with having to talk to her 24/7 btw... FINALLY... almost 2 years later.. hahaha!)

Shani K. * How has your success as an author affected your family in a positive way?

Miss M.*  uh..... I mean it's made me happier. Happy wife/Happy life? hahahah!
Shani K. * Your support and new friendship means a lot to me! Thank you! I love your positive, so share something random but positive.(1 response)
Miss M.* I love your crazy self!!!! RANDOM FACT- I ATE A JAR OF PICKLES TODAY. Yep. The whole jar. It was small.......


My Reviews of M. Dauphins Books


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